Quality Policy

Marien Keyes presents endless service to its clients with its friendliness, positive system of thought, quality and stability in the fields of production and marketing.

It aims to give the best to its clients all the time with its creative personel employees while contributing the textile and fashion sector that improves itself each day.

Our Understanding of Quality

• Creative and modern
• Familiar to world market
• To have social responsibility
• Delivery in time
• Aiming 100% satisfaction
• Creating awareness and difference
• Sees improvement in the foreground
• A brand that presents the standart of high and productive production

Our Quality Aims

• To be different than the others,
• To produce with no mistake,
• To make the existing quality permanent,
• To increase the sectoral productivity,
• To make improvement permanent,
• To see the healht and safety in the foreground,
• To be fried to the environment all the time,
• To be in the brands which are the best in the world market.