The Process of Production

“A world class touch to the tradional culture…”

Marien Keyes prepares its unique designs specially to its each client. In addition to our stylists’ creations that they prepare each season, our models that are prepared according to the demands of the brand and the firm, starts to the process of the production.

We present the ability and the stability by completing our projects by using high technology machines with our working principle which is centered with the statisfaction of the client. We support our corporate identity by making the delivery in time.

The Selection of the Fabric with the Client

At our first step that is called vibrant sample presentation, we maket he selection of the fabric with the client to supply the client’s satisfaction and to be able to create an awareness. We apply the model that they wish to the fabric that they choose by presenting the fabrics that we choose from abroad and Turkey to our clients. We make a pre-informing about the result that they will come through by touching and observing the fabric.


To prepare the fabrich which is selected for the suitable bodies, the next process is cutting. After hand cutting the special moulds that belong to Marien Keyes, each of them are prepared specially for the embroidery, which is the next step. For the multiple numbers, the machines make the cut.


The logo, emblem, and the firm names which are decided by the customers, are forged on the fabrics.


The next steps for the fabrics are sewing and frog which are done with special care.

Quality Control

The products, which are examined by our employees carefully, are transposed to ironing and packing after checked as good as to see if there is any mistake or not.

Ironing and Packing

Our products that pass the level of quality control set off to our customers’ adresses safely after get prepaed at the part of ironing and packing lastly.

We are listening to you, we are thinking for you, we are respond your expectation.