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   “World’s Eye is on Us”

Since 2014, The Amathyst of Time…

Marien Keyes, which follows and keeps up with the technological progresses, Ottoman’s tissues, motives, and culture, also modern world culture and colours, which refreshs itself each day, and rises an awareness on its clients, and which shows its creativity and elegancy with realy sample presentations by analyzing its clients expactations correctly, aims to make a difference and create an awareness on employee clothes which exists in the market of Turkey.

Marien Keyes, which considers the creativity of employee clothes, the reliability, the elegancy, and loyalty of traditions as a working principle, brings institutionalism of design, originality, and stability together with you.

Complete and In Time Delivery

As Marien Keyes, we make the delivery complete and in time during the time line that is given before while giving the guaranty of perfect and stable fabric of the models that we design specially for you on our way to become a brand.

Firm and Personal Design

When there is a demand to our firm, we determine the special creation’ – which are prepared according to your wishes and the suggestion of our stylists- colours and quality of fabric together by adding an extra payment.

Turkish and World Fabrics

We bring modern style and traditional pieces together with fabric and colour options that we bring from all over the world. We present our special fabrics by farming them with high technology machines to your taste.

More Energetic and Happier Working Atmosphere

Meet with our pastel shades that will save you from the ordinariness of black and white, and will make you work more energetic and productive… See our creations which we blend them with modern fashion lines and cultural waving more closely.

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Get rid of ordinariness and amateurism! Meet with the quality of Marien Keyes…